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Our use of “best teaching practices” and “understanding of how children actually learn” prepares your child for the challenges of the changing world. Ideology is what one hold and believes to be true .Belief determines our actions and our actions determine our results.
Just as we need the right soil and seed to cultivate a dazzling flower your children need the right mix of method and curriculum. cybeRShala aims to strengthen the true potential of your child and builds a strong foundation by following a methodical step wise teaching combined with tried and proven curriculum.
Our classrooms are fun and lively online interactive virtual classrooms which use cutting edge technology To enable Face-to-Face Video/audio conferencing. All from the convenience and comfort of your home. By using a regular web cam and hands-free headset children can see and hear their peers and the Learning facilitator. It can work on almost any computer, including Macs. All you need is an Internet connection which preferably should be over broadband for best results.
cybeRShala provides kit that includes a digital-pen and headphone.
After you sign up, a cybeRShala counselor will arrange an online session where a placement test will be administered. This allows us to asses your child’s strengths and weaknesses . Based on this evaluation, your child is assigned to an appropriate class.
  • Through the use of latest technology, your child participates in a virtual class room where they begin seeing, talking and interacting with their peers and facilitators. Using our technology is so easy that even kids as young as 6 are enjoying it.

  • We will ensure your child learns not only the subject but other real life collaboration skills like video conferencing and online discussion group etiquette, whiteboard writing, desktop and document sharing needed in today’s global economy.
  • Singapore Math lessons are coherent, well scripted and well organized. They use multiple approaches to illustrating the principles or ideas being taught.

  • Singapore Math lessons are oriented towards problem-solving rather then only explaining of facts and procedures. They are designed to build strong problem solving, critical thinking, and computational skills through well-chosen practice problems.

  • Singapore Math lessons will emphasize math modelling which is a model - drawing approach to teaching maths. It enhances math proficiency and understanding. It is a tool to help kids understand and break the question down into component parts making solving problems of math a visual clarity.

  • Singapore Math lesson plan ensures that children understand the relationship between various topics (e.g. between decimal, percentage and fractions), children understand meaning of abstract concepts, mental computation tips and techniques and proofs of various formulas etc.
  • We bring lively interaction in the classroom as our facilitator poses provocative questions and attempts to stimulate students to produce, explain and evaluate solutions to problems.

  • Our learning facilitator presents challenging and intensive problems, guide students to generate multiple approaches to a solution, guides students to generate ideas and evaluate the correctness of the idea.

  • Facilitators attempt to see that all the children understand the problem and even mechanics such as mathematical computation are presented in the context of solving problems.

  • Facilitators explain the rational behind the method, making good use of wrong answers, make good use of group and diversity within the group.

  • Children are provided with ample opportunities to practice what they have been taught.
  • We have chosen Singapore math’s to be the math curriculum of choice as it aligns most closely with our ideology and embodies lots of wisdom and best teaching practices.

  • Singapore Kids Ranked Number One in 1995, 1999 and 2003 in TIMSS were using this Primary Mathematics Series of Singapore math.

  • Singapore math uses a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract approach to teaching. Concrete illustrations are incorporated heavily in the early grades, gradually giving way to more abstract representations so that math is learned meaningfully.

  • Textbooks are well-written, logical, methodical, emphasize mental calculation and use colorful pictures of everyday objects such as keys and local fruits to catch a child's eye.

  • We provide US edition of Singapore text and work books as part of the learning package. Each level has 2 textbooks and 2 workbooks – one for each semester.
We encourage frequent parent interactions as this ensures:

  • Parents get first hand feedback about their child's progress from their Learning Facilitator.

  • Parents to Parents have a way to provide feedback and get questions answered.

  • Children remain motivated, knowing that parents and teachers are interacting and that their education is important to everyone.

  • In addition to these prearranged meetings, parents may also interact with Learning Facilitator via emails or via messages sent from the student’s account webpage.
Children are evaluated regularly to asses progress and to further strengthen areas of weakness:
  • After completion of each topic.
  • After completion of a set of topics.
  • After completion of a semester.
After completion of a semester, children are presented with a certificate as a proof of their acquired proficiency and as an incentive to do well the next semester.
Our members have access to the following add-ons:
  • Library of recorded sessions in case child has missed class.
  • Extra practice material.
  • Account webpage.
    • Child's assessments.
    • Tests.
    • Notes.
    • Library.
    • Report card.
    • Messages.
    • Bulletin board.
    • Mail to Teacher or Principal.
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