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  cybeRShala Mathnasium eSylvan.com other online private
Small size - up to 8 No limits 1 1 1
Yes, we believe children learn better in groups and from questions of others within the group Yes No No No
8 8 4 Use as you go Pay as you go
75 min's 60 60 60 60
100/month or 10/hr 150/month or approx 19/hr 160/month or 40/hr 50 to 100 / month 30-70 /hr
Worlds best, tried and proven curriculum (singapore math). Own curriculum Own curriculum No specific Homework help
Concepts with ancillary focus on methodology .Conceptual learning and problem solving skills. Learning method through repetitive practice ? General General
Yes, children work from the convenience of home. Children have to be dropped to class Yes Not a virtual class, but accessed online No
Face-to-Face Video and audio with the use of chat and whiteboard. Children hear and see teacher and other children as if in a class room Actual brick and mortar Class - room No face to face video with teachers. Animated and interactive. No teacher Home or other place
Yes,Grade wise complete curriculum text and work books are provided to students Worksheets ? NA No
Qualified and experienced teachers. Worksheet based Yes NA Sometimes
Yes, children and Parents can access the recorded sessions from the virtual library. No ? Yes No
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