Does it matter if my child has different curriculum in school and learns a different one with cybershala.com?
No! It really does not matter. Scholars, academicians and researchers have long believed that children should learn to solve math problems in multiple ways to truly master those concepts. Math is, well, math; and therefore, the topics covered will generally be the same in most every curriculum (e.g. fractions, algebra etc.) However, it is the methodology and the way concepts are presented in a fun and interactive manner that make this program unique. Moreover, learning to solve in multiple ways gives students a deeper understanding of the subject, enabling them to think outside the box. With our program, your child will learn at a deeper level of understanding that will provide a sold foundation for higher grades. They will truly achieve extraordinary results.
What can cybeRShala.com do to help my child exceed?
At cybeRShala.com, our mission is to use the world’s best and most proven curriculum to help increase students’ competitiveness and impart 21st century skills. The cybeRShala.com program will enable your child to develop deep conceptual math skills and problem solving abilities. At cybeRShala.com, your child will expand his conceptual knowledge and better understand the true meaning of math, necessary milestones to achieving comfort with higher math. We focus on helping your child achieve conceptual understanding and not just memorization through repetition. While each child has a unique learning style, nearly all children respond well to online learning. Furthermore, many children benefit from additional practice, particularly in subjects like math, where a lack of mastery in one concept can ripple through future concepts indefinitely. At cybeRShala.com, the engaging, interactive style and group sessions complement Singapore Math's curriculum and vice versa.

This is an affordable and effective math program (see program fee for more details) to supplement your child's existing school curriculum. Our program will help your child build a solid mathematics foundation and will set your child apart from his or her peers. For home schooled students, cybeRShala.com can be used as a complete online math curriculum or it can supplement your existing program
Why is a teacher called a Learning Facilitator?
Discoveries that children make and the answers to the questions that they ask immediately become part of their model of the world around them. Therefore, we have re-defined our role from that of "teachers" to that "Learning Facilitators." Our Learning Facilitators are trained in the art of teaching through self discovery. The more we expect from and the more we challenge our children, the more they learn. Learning Facilitators aspire to be well informed guides, explaining details when necessary, but more typically asking children to generate their own solutions and calling on students to evaluate the accuracy or relevance of an answer. They spend little time lecturing.
What is Singapore Math and why did cybeRShala.com choose it as the curriculum of choice?
The ideology and methodology behind cybeRShala.com aims to instill a deeper level of subject matter understanding so that children are able to think at a higher level of problem solving. Singapore Math curriculum complements these ideologies and methodologies by showing more than one way to solve problems, presenting the subject more interestingly and progressively, providing gaps to induce thinking, showings ways to create models to simplify difficult problems, providing tips and techniques for faster and easier ways to solve, using methods of self discovery and much more. There is a lot of wisdom and thought behind the Singapore curriculum. Since it is one of our missions is to bring the best and most proven curriculum to our students, our research concluded that Singapore Math best fits this criteria.

Singapore Math has been proven the most successful curriculum by the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). In 2003, 112, 746 nine-year olds from 25 countries and 216, 778 thirteen year olds from 45 countries participated in the TIMSS. Singapore students performed remarkably well, taking the top spot in mathematics for both age groups. This is the third time in a row they have topped at this international level competition (earlier held in 1995 and 1999).

It is no coincidence that they topped three times in a row. They did so not because they are more intelligent or gifted but because their curriculum was taught in a more scientific and systematic (teaching practices) way by teachers trained in the art of teaching through self discovery.

This is exactly what we at cybeRShala.com offer your child. To employ the best teaching practices and Learning Facilitators in combination with a wise and proven curriculum to enable your child to achieve extraordinary results.
What is the technology used by cybeRShala.com and will it be suitable for my child's searning style?
Our new technology is user friendly and stimulates all types of learners. Children will be able to see and hear the concepts explained by their Learning Facilitators, will be able to use whiteboard and digital pens to write and exchange information, will be able to learn from the questions and brainstorming of other children in the group, and will have their own space to organization their activities. By appealing to all types of learners, cybeRShala.com Learning Facilitators are able to reinforce concepts more effectively.

That’s not all. Many of the ancillary virtual skills picked up by children in our virtual classes like video conferencing etiquette, whiteboard writing, sharing desktops and documents, and chatting are the skills being used by many global corporations to conduct their business. So give your kids the edge.
What other curriculum will be taught at cybeRShala.com in future?
At cybeRShala.com, our mission is to bring the world’s best, most proven curriculum to American students to increase their competitiveness and provide them with skills for success in the 21st century. In future, we will be focusing our efforts on science and technology for elementary, middle and high school. We truly believe that the earlier children are exposed to the best, the better and easier their future will be.
Is cybeRShala.com affordable?
For just a fraction of what you would pay for private coaching, your child can enjoy small group tutoring with qualified Learning Facilitators. You'll have the benefits of a qualified Learning Facilitator, the convenience of in-home service, and the strength of Singapore Math all for much less than conventional tutoring.

    Just think about the other fees you pay:
  • Music lessons cost about $20 to $30/hr
  • Karate classes cost 25/hr
  • Tennis lessons cost $20-$45/hr
  • In person math tutoring costs $35-$40/hr
There are many online math programs that vary from $15/hr to $25/hr (see our comparison chart to assess for your self our advantage). For much less than that your child will be on their way to a successful math oriented career.

See our program fee for more details
Does cybeRShala.com provide any text books for the curriculum?
As part of the initial registration fee, cybeRShala.com provides the Singapore Primary Mathematics US edition series that has been designed with USA markets, names and measurements in mind. It is one of the most popular curriculums for many home schoolers. Many public and private schools in America have recognized its value and are using it as their math books as well. It is also rapidly gaining preeminence as a supplemental curriculum to augment existing school math curriculums. We will provide a textbook and a workbook for the child’s appropriate level.

What happens during the lesson? What is the teaching methodology?
All our lessons are designed to be conducted through our unique virtual classroom. Our user-friendly technology is so easy to use that even our 7-year-old student can use it with ease after a few lessons! By building on students' natural excitement and enthusiasm about using the computer to learn, our teachers can easily ignite and nurture children’s interest in math.

Lessons last 75 minutes. Students go through a systematic presentation of concepts and skills in a fun and lively mode. The cybeRShala.com curriculum is hierarchical in nature and built on previous knowledge and skills. This is why the online lessons are designed to focus on concept building and on an infusion of thinking and problem solving skills. At the end of each lesson, our teachers will assign after-lesson practices to help students by reinforcing the concepts learned in class.

A typical class will consist of Learning Facilitator
  • Reviewing previous lessons concept and homework
  • Presenting/repeating new/same concepts in same/different manner
  • Provocative questioning and brainstorming sessions to induce self learning and discovery
  • Playing team/individual games to reinforce concepts (accumulating points for rewards at the end)
  • Reviewing the text book lesson
  • Assigning workbook homework
Through the use of our technology and group learning best practices, this learning process will be smoother, more enriching and definitely more fun for the student so much so that you will be surprised that he wishes the lessons were longer!

What is the syllabus?
Why does cybeRShala.com teach in group learning environment and not individual one-on-one learning like most other online tuition sites?
Because we care! It would be all too easy for us to provide one-on-one tuition, but we aim to teach your children at a higher level of understanding. One of our collective ideologies is that learning is done at an enhanced level if done in groups through healthy competition and in an environment facilitated by learning facilitators. In such an environment, children learn by group brainstorming and from the questions and errors posed by themselves and other children. Sure, one can learn in a one-on-one tuition program through a lecturing environment, but the results are not as permanent, nor are they as deep. Therefore, we have designed effective sessions for small groups of 6 to 8 students.
Who are the people behind cybeRShala.com?
cybeRShala.com is the result of a team of experienced academicians, technocrats and concerned parents who see that our children are being shortchanged in terms what they could be learning verses what they are actually taught. There is a gap in their education. Having realized this gap, we are determined to see that our children are taught to their true potential, utilizing the best curriculum and teaching practices available today.

How will my child be grouped into a class?
After you have indicated your preferred schedule we will try to group your child with other students according to similar aptitude and level. This can be gauged by the results of the Placement Test and from a brief assessment with our counselor.
What happens if I miss a lesson? Will my fees for that lesson be refunded or will there be a make up lesson?
If you have given at least 24 hours of notice of cancellation via email, our Customer Support team will help to schedule another lesson with another class. This is, however, subject to availability. If another class session is not available, our dedicated tutor will usually make arrangements to meet up with the student for a short private session to cover the missed lesson. Prepaid program fees are non-refundable.

Please note: cybeRShala.com members will have access to our exhaustive library where, in addition to many other documents, recorded lessons will be kept for students and parents. These lessons are a great way to review missed material or to revisit lessons for further review.
How will my child be assessed?
Children are evaluated regularly to asses progress and to further strengthen areas of weakness:
  • After completion of each topic
  • After completion of a set of topics
  • After completion of a semester
We encourage frequent parent interactions as this ensures:
  • Parents get first hand feedback about their child's progress from their child’s Learning Facilitator·
  • Parents can provide their feedback and have their questions answered·
  • Children remain motivated, knowing that parents and teachers are interacting and that their education is important to everyone·
  • Aside from these prearranged meetings, parents may also interact with the Learning Facilitators via emails or messages post on the personal account pages.
What are the hardware/software requirements?
Unlike other programs, you do not need to install any complicated software to access our user-friendly virtual classroom.

All you need is a computer with at least Windows 2000 operating system and a Internet connection speed of at least 56k (although we recommend a broadband/cable connection) to login to the classroom from our Website.

You will also need a headset so that tutors and students can communicate verbally. In addition, if your child finds it easier to use a smoother drawing/writing input method than the mouse, we recommend you attach a free-hand drawing tablet.
What payment methods do you accept?
To make it as convenient for you as possible, we currently accept online credit card payments via Master card, Visa and Pay pal.
Why do we offer courses beginning in the 1st grade?
We believe children less than 6 years old should not be sent for formal training. For this age group, parents should focus on developing their social skills and getting comfortable around other kids and adults.
Will this program help my child obtain high scores on the SAT?
At cybeRShala.com, we believe that the higher the expectations we have of our students, the more they will achieve. We believe that each and every child has the potential and ability to attain a reasonably high standard of mathematics knowledge and skills.

We believe that students who enroll in our program should not find it difficult to score well on the SAT. Singapore Math problems for grades 5 and 6 are comparable to those on an American high school Algebra exam and to the "hard" 8th grade problems on the U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) exam.
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