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 science curriculum for elementry,primary and middle grade
Singapore Science Curriculum : Grades 1-2
Grade I Start-Up Science 1  Start-Up Science 2 
Grade II Start-Up Science 3  Start-Up Science 4  
Earlybird Start-Up Science is a series specially designed for 7-8 year-olds. This series opens the door to the challenging world of scientific discovery and aims at introducing young learners to scientific concepts.  Simple explanations of concepts are charmingly explained and reinforced along with interesting activities and experiments that follow.
Singapore Science Curriculum : Grades 3-6
Grade III MPH Science Textbook P3/4 - Diversity MPH Science Textbook P3/4 - Cycles
Grade IV MPH Science Textbook P3/4 - Systems  MPH Science Textbook P3/4 - Energy & MPH Science Textbook P3/4 - Interactions 
Grade V MPH Science Textbook P5&6 - Cycles MPH Science Textbook 5&6 - Systems
Grade VI MPH Science Textbook 5&6 - Energy MPH Science Textbook 5&6 - Interactions
My Pals are Here! Science (2nd Edition) is a comprehensive package based on the latest Primary Science syllabus set by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Adopting the inquiry-based approach to the learning of Science, it aims to spark curiosity and awaken young minds to the world around them. Special emphasis has also been placed on helping children acquire skills and processes. 

The Course consists of Text Book, Activity Book and Work Books. Higher Level Thinking skills, Homework and Tests is part of the curriculum.
Interactive Science For Inquiring Minds : Grades 7-8
Grade VII

Interactive Science for Inquiring Minds A

  • Theme 2: MEASUREMENT

Interactive Science for Inquiring Minds A
  • Theme 3: DIVERSITY
Grade VIII Interactive Science for Inquiring Minds B
  • Theme 5: ENERGY
Interactive Science for Inquiring Minds B

The Interactive Science curriculum aim to provide students with a solid foundation for the learning of science at secondary level and beyond.

With the inquiry approach and interactive nature, students will be motivated and they will accept that science is relevant and interesting.  The curriculum also challenges students to think creatively and critically.

  • Try This! provides opportunities for students to make inquiries, share ideas and experiences and carry out cooperative learning.
  • Exploring Further consists of questions or activities to encourage students to think further into a topic.
  • Science in Action exposes students to the applications of science in daily life and in the industry.
  • Science Nugget provides snippets of scientific knowledge which may not be in the syllabus, but are relevant, useful and interesting.
  • Workbook Link links the concepts learnt in the textbook with the activities and practical experiments in the theory and practical workbooks.
  • Connect shows the links between science and other fields of study.
  • NE represents National education and relates science to the country.
  • Key Points provide a summary of the important concepts and principles in the chapter to help students recall what they have just learnt.
  • Let's Review! is included at the end of each chapter in the form of structured questions. 
  • At a Glance provides a graphic summary of the chapter in the form of a concept map.
  • Think Tank consists of open-ended questions that develop and inculcate critical and creative thinking skills among students.
IT shows students Internet resources they can access independently to further explore each topic.
Science curriculum ( IX to XII)
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